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School Prospectus Requirements

The following page shows government guidelines to help ensure you display the correct content in your school prospectus.

Governing bodies of maintained schools must publish a school prospectus for parents and prospective parents. LAs may publish prospectuses on behalf of LA maintained schools, but governing bodies must provide the relevant information.

Content of prospectus
From 1 September 2005 the regulations for the school prospectus have changed, so that there is much more flexibility over what is included, and schools will be freer to respond to requests from parents for particular pieces of information. The only obligatory content of the school prospectus is now the information about SEN and disability provision previously required in the governors’ annual report. Since schools are required to produce this information by the Education (Special Educational Needs) (Information) (England) Regulations, it makes sense to include it in the prospectus where it will be easily available to parents. The required information is as follows:

  • Arrangements for the admission of pupils with disabilities
  • Details of steps to prevent disabled pupils being treated less favourably than other pupils
  • Details of existing facilities to assist access to the school by pupils with disabilities
  • The accessibility plan (required under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) covering future policies for increasing access to the school by pupils with disabilities
  • Information about the implementation of the governing body’s policy on pupils with special educational needs and any changes to the policy during the last year*

* The policy itself is required by the Education (Special Educational Needs) (Information) (England) Regulations 1999

School prospectuses must be published during the school year immediately preceding the admissions school year, i.e. prospectuses published in 2005 to 2006 will be for admissions in 2006 to 2007. Secondary schools and middle-deemed primary schools must publish their prospectuses at least six weeks before the final date by which parents are asked to apply for admission to the school or to express a preference for a place. Other primary schools are encouraged to follow the same timetable. In the case of secondary schools only, the prospectus must be sent to the local Connexions service that will use it, along with other materials, in their careers education and guidance work with Years 10 and 11.

Governing bodies should ensure that copies of the school prospectus are made available (if necessary, in languages other than English or in alternative formats, e.g. Braille):

  • At the school for reference
  • Free of charge to parents on request.