St John’s Catholic School for the Deaf

Website Design & Prospectus

St John’s is one of the country’s leading residential schools for deaf children. The school approached us to help enhance the overall school branding and make major improvements to their current website’s design, functionality and security ensuring everything reflected back to their values.

St John's Deaf School website design

Mobile & Tablet Website Design

responsive to all devices

For St John’s website design we incorporated a bright colour scheme to complement a clean layout, ensuring information was clearly displayed and the website was easy to navigate. The design also included animated text that helps to emphasise the school’s ethos and values in a creative way. To improve on their existing website we also extended the site’s functionality adding an accessibility toolbar in which users can toggle styling on the website to help with any visual impairments. In addition to all the new features we also added a custom built events calendar and upgraded the website’s security.

St Johns Deaf school web design
St John's Deaf School prospectus design
St John's Deaf School prospectus design