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We create exceptional school branding

We support schools with new school logos and design refreshes, right through to full school branding services & printing.

Your school logo or brand should be representative of your school – its ethos, personality and structure encapsulated in a single recognisable mark. Your school’s marketing will follow your logo, from your school stationery to your school website or your school prospectus. It’s important you get it right from the start.

Often schools will look to rebrand or refresh their current logo when then convert to an academy. We’ve helped many schools go through this brand development process. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or refreshing your existing logo or crest, we offer the best of our design expertise throughout the process.

Whitegate Nursery Logo Design
St Thomas Moorside Primary School Logo Design
St Andrews Logo Design
Lee Royd Nursery School Logo Design

IDEM Living Logo Design
Watergrove Trust Logo Design
Doveshell Federation Logo Design
St James East Crompton Primary School Logo Design

Water Lane Primary Academy Logo Development
Brand development for Water Lane Primary Academy

Our school logo design process

works every time!

Our school logo design process begins with understanding your needs and requirements. We consult you throughout the project to ensure that your objectives and timescales are met. Our tried and tested methodology ensures that each of the elements (name, symbol, type, colour, style) performs an effective role in communicating the values and personality of your school.

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