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Secondary school websites and prospectus designs that inspire and inform

Design For Schools: Secondary School Responsive Website Design

Whether you are inspiring a generation of future doctors, educators, actors or footballers, our goal is to make sure that your High School stands out.

We make the effort to understand the personality and strengths of your secondary school and create branding and designs that inspire confidence and generate interest.

Through imaginative and ambitious design concepts, we celebrate your achievements and share the information that future pupils and parents need to make an informed choice when it comes to selecting the best secondary school, or high school, education.

From our feature-rich Secondary School Websites, award-winning Secondary School Prospectus designSecondary School Branding, photography and advertising, we have a proven track record in delivering creative concepts that communicate excellence and innovation.

Take a look at our latest work to discover why Design for Schools is top of the class for Secondary School Branding.

Design for schools - Academy branding icon

We create integrated High School branding and marketing packages including photography, brand development and logo design. We can also provide branding guidelines, promotional items and advertising.

Design for schools - Academy prospectus design

A prospectus is a testament to your school’s dedication and an opportunity to showcase your achievements. No matter how large or small your High School Prospectus, our in-house designers, photographers and copywriters will produce a compelling prospectus design with real flair and impact.

Design for schools - Academy responsive website design

Your High School Website provides a wealth of information for pupils, parents and stakeholders. We produce simple to use, mobile-friendly secondary school website designs that represent your brand and exceed Ofsted requirements.